1 - Login with email and password.
2 - In your customer area ('My account') click on the 'Order details' tab .
3 - Select the order from which you wish to return an item by clicking on 'Details'.
4 - Select the products you wish to return through the box next to the names; the products must not have been worn, tried on, removed from the transparent envelope inside the paper pack.
5 - Add the quantity to be returned.
6 - In the 'Returning Goods' section, add an explanation, so that the team better understands why the customer wishes to return that product, and specify whether or not you have worn the product(s).
7 - Click on 'ASK FOR A RETURN'.
8 - The return passes to the status '1-RETURN REQUEST SENT' and you can find it in the 'Status of returns' tab of your account.
9 - We will evaluate the request and, if it meets the timing and compliance requirements (objects not worn, tried on, removed from the inner envelope) , we will validate it with reservations (we will verify the requirements upon arrival) and the return will pass to status '2- WAITING FOR YOUR PARCEL'; an update email will be sent to you.
10 - End: you can send us the products to the address indicated below; kindly insert in the package, if you have kept it, the document that accompanied the order, to facilitate us the identification of the order in our databases and the processing of the return; once the package has been received and the real satisfaction of the requirements has been verified (objects not worn or tried on) Carezza-shop will refund the purchased goods using the payment method originally used for the purchase - Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer -; if the request for model, size, color replacement has been indicated in the 'Return of Goods' section, Carezza-shop will proceed with the issue of a discount voucher which the customer can deduct from a new order.

NB: we underline that the fundamental requirement, as indicated several times on the page, is that the products have not been worn or tried on ; therefore, if you decide to return the products to us, do so only if they satisfy the condition indicated, since if we received returns of worn-on products we could not proceed with the refund; the return will pass to the status '5-RETURN NOT COMPLIANT REFUSED' or '5-RETURN PARTIALLY NON-COMPLIANT' and we will contact you to find out whether to return the goods at your expense.

If you have any doubts, contact us before proceeding with the return shipment. (tel: +390331639441 , email: )


1-Return request sent

Carezza has received your request and is evaluating it.

2-Waiting for your package

Carezza has accepted the return request with reserve, you can send us your package.

3-Return received

Carezza has received your return and is assessing compliance with the requirements.

4-Refunded compliant return

Carezza has refunded your return.

5-Returned partially non-compliant

Carezza has received your return and has refunded the products assessed as unworn by the inspection of the staff; will contact you to find out if you want the products deemed non-compliant (products worn or tried on) to be sent back to you at your expense.

5-Non-compliant return refused

Carezza has received your return, deems it not compliant with the requirements indicated (products worn or tried on), will contact you to find out if you want the products sent back to you at your expense.


Carezza-shop grants its customers the right of withdrawal (Legislative Decree No. 21/2014, from Article 52 to Article 59 of the Consumer Code) according to two cases:

Right of withdrawal for goods not yet shipped (order status: "1-Awaiting"): The customer can withdraw from the purchase at any time before the goods have left our warehouses, or before they have been sent for delivery. In this case he will receive a full refund including shipping costs, as the shipment has not been made.

Right of withdrawal for shipped goods:  This right can be exercised within 15 days from the day of receipt of the goods by courier or from the day of collection at the company; being the object of the sale goods of an intimate nature, Carezza-shop will refund / replace the purchased goods only if the products meet the following requirement:
-they have not been tried on, worn, removed from the inner transparent bag; possibly only removed from the paper pack, leaving them in the transparent bag, to view, for example, the color. In the case of purchasing several products of the same size, we therefore advise you to try on only one, so as to be able to proceed with a return of the others if it turns out to have a fit that is not adequate to your expectations.

The buyer will be able to decide whether to:
- have a refund for the returned products on the payment method originally used;
- have a voucher to spend on a subsequent order. 

The return shipping address is:

CRE Calzifici Riuniti Elli srl

c/a Resi Carezza-shop
Via Scisciana 1
21052 - Busto Arsizio - ITALY

Once the return has reached our warehouses, if the goods meet the above requirements, the refund will be made to the original payment method or by issuing a voucher, at the customer's choice. We kindly ask you to insert the document accompanying the order indicating the summary of the same in the return package and write in the "RETURN" section if you want a refund or a voucher.

The refund takes place via the payment method originally used and is communicated via email.
The replacement takes place through a new order by the Customer, from which the same can deduct a discount voucher; this voucher will be activated by Carezza-shop at the end of the return procedure for the products to be replaced.

Return costs charged to the customer: the initial shipping costs are excluded from the refund, where the free shipping has not been used, and the shipping costs returned by the customer to Carezza-shop, which are charged to the customer.
In case of replacement, if the new order does not exceed the amount for free shipping, the customer will have to pay the costs of shipping the order, as for a common order, except for one-off extraordinary concessions from customer service to the customer.
All returned items will be subject to inspection by the Carezza-shop staff and in the event of failure to meet the requirements for obtaining a return or replacement (products not worn, tried on, removed from the transparent inner bag), Carezza-shop reserves the right not to accept the returned goods and to send them back to the Customer at the latter's expense.

RETURNS AND REPLACEMENTS - some considerations -

Our return-replacement policy derives from the absolute certainty that the goods have no defects and comply with what is indicated in the specifications of each product on the website

The company, which has been operating for sixty years in the sector, which has no production relocations, which relies only on its own workforce with proven experience, and on suppliers with a very long collaboration, has an ISO 9001-2015 certified quality management system for more than 25 years; the products are controlled at every stage, from sewing to dyeing, up to canning; once they are in the package we are 99% sure of their quality and absence of defects.

Our Customer Service, active from Monday to Thursday from 9.30 to 16.00 and Friday until 12.00 , can be contacted by phone on 0331639441 , by email at , or by logging into your account on the sales site, and remains available to meet the needs of customers and to clarify any doubts about the above.


This document is a summary and explanatory part of what is written on the "Terms of Sale" page .

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