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It is the pantyhose with the classic bodice that starts at 3/4 of the thigh, more or less at the height of the groin, where the weaving and yarn change takes place to build the upper part; it comes from two tubulars joined together with a cotton gusset to form the pantyhose.


It is the pantyhose that differs from the 'CLASSIC' for the part where the change of texture and yarns that will build the bodice takes place; in fact this change takes place to reproduce the shape of an ideal panty as in the COLLANT 140 SOFT and is no longer inserted at 3/4 of the thigh.


It is the pantyhose with a 'naked' effect, such as for example the NUDE 70 COLLANT , with graduated compression, where there is no change of stitch between the leg and the upper part: the whole pantyhose is woven with the same yarns and the weaving itself; or the light tights from the FASHION ETOILE and SOLEIL line .


It is the 'high cut' tights in which the upper part is woven simulating embroidery with a lace effect, as in SOUBRETTE .


These are the 'classic' tights with a gusset that extends dorsally up to the elastic waist; this translates into the presence of two seams in the upper part of the back and greater comfort for those who need or want a wider fit; CAREZZA groups these models in the CURVY section of its tights.


It is the 'classic' tights with a front gusset (commonly called 'flap') which allows for greater elasticity and to follow the development of the waist and hips of future mothers, to whom CAREZZA has dedicated a special line called, precisely, GESTANTE .


They are the classic stockings that require a garter belt to be worn, and CAREZZA divides them into GRADUATED COMPRESSION and NORMAL, such as the 30 denier SERENA SOCKS .


These are stockings with a silicone or rubberized support band, which therefore 'stay up' without the need for garter belts; the edge can be simple, as in ELANCA 20 , classic hold-ups without graduated compression, or embroidered with pleasant designs, as in CAREZZA FOLIE 70 , compression hold-ups with precious lace-effect flounce.

Acronym 'RHT'

It is the acronym of the English term 'reinforced toe and heel': it indicates products that have the heel and toe parts made with more tenacious yarns which therefore guarantee a higher resistance in these parts, where major frictions.

Mesh shirt

Type of weaving of the sock which translates, aesthetically, into a slightly more transparent effect on the leg compared to the smooth knit; it is the one that was first used in the production of compression stockings, for this reason it is considered more classic and long-lasting; with the progress of technology and yarns, however, these statements no longer make sense as compression values ​​up to 22 mmHg are easily achievable even with smooth knits.

Smooth knit

Type of weaving of the sock which translates into a slightly more opaque effect on the leg than the net knit and in a greater softness to the touch; these characteristics are given by the greater density of the weaving cells, density obtained with a different weaving geometry; they are for many women more pleasant to feel in contact with the skin.